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kamias wine


As we all know, wine is an alcoholic bevearage that people wish to drink but only rich ones can drink for they can afford to buy unlike to those who cant afford to buy they cannot drink. This study can help all people and those who wish to drink wines not only for the rich ones but also for the poor ones. By making wine out from the kamias extract is a good work for we can now have a new substitute for the expensive ones. Red wines are too costly so now we have an alternative wine for it. It could be cheaper and it has more vitamins for our health.

Since kamias is abundant and popular here in our country, Philippines. The researcher tries to make a wine suitable for all people especially to those who can’t afford to buy red wines but they don’t succed on their study. And this wine making is very easy to produce because all the materials needed can only be found in our homes. Kamias (Averrhoa bilimbini) is a small tree with slender trunk and branches to 5 meters tall. Leaves are alternative and innately compound. Leaflets are thin, brigert, green, and oblong. Flowers are small, reddish, purple, and fruit are very acidic, fleshy, juicy, yellow or green and 10 cm long.
Kamias (Averrhoa bilimbini) is generally regarded as too acid for eating raw, but in Costa Rica, the green, uncooked fruits are prepared as a relish which is served with rice and beans. Sometimes it is an accompaniment for fish and meat. Ripe fruits are frequently added to curries in the Far East. They yield 44.2% juice having a pH of 4.47, and the juice is popular for making cooling beverages on the order of lemonade.
To reduce acidity, it may be first pricked and soaked in water overnight, or soaked in salted water for a shorter time; then it is boiled with much sugar to make a jam or an acid jelly. Half-ripe fruits are salted, set out in the sun, and pickled in brine and can be thus kept for 3 months. A quicker pickle is made by putting the fruits and salt into boiling water. This product can be kept only 4 to 5 days.


1. To determine the difference between kamis wine to other wine.

2. Can kamias friut extract be reliable source of wine?

3. To know the significant and uses of the Kamias (Averrhoa bilimbini) to human.


1. What are the characteristics of Kamias?

2. What are the uses of Kamias in our daily needs?



80 pcs. Of Kamias Caserole Salt
3 tbsp. sugar 1 tbsp. yeast
1 Cotainer Straw
Streamer Cotton
Cotton cloth 1 or 2 bottle


1. Prepared the 80 pcs. Kamias aqnd remove the upper and lower part .
2. After removing fill it to a container and wait for at least 6 or 7 days until the extract of the kamias comes out or release.
3. After 7 days waiting, separate the extract from residue in a bottle.
4. Add the 3 tbsp. sugar.
5. Wait for a days until the dullness of the extract cimes dow or what we called left residue.
6. Transfer to another bottle and put the yeast.
7. After putting yeast kindly get the cotton and put it to the mouth of the bottle and put a straw horizontally for the hole the bottle.
8. Wait for atleast I month.
9. After waiting, put it in a Caserole and boil in slow fire for the sterilization of the wine.
10. After that, the bottle next.
11. And feel the essence of my finish product.


TIME Taste Odor Color
1-4 DAYS Sour Strong and smell vinegar. Dirty white
After 10 DAYS Sweet and sour A little bit smell vinegar. Dark yellow
A MONTH Sweet and sour: good Smell is good like other wine. Yellowish but clear compare with Day 2.


As we all know Kamias is just use for stain remover and nowadays, the person who reach to drink wine is only the rich people and poor people cannot because of expensive cost of wine. But I on my experiment kamias has reliable source of wine for the poor people which the ingredients is found only around their houses and for rich people as well can do the kamias wine.
Kamias is reliable source of wine and made only of a raw materials found in your houses, you can make a kamias wine easy. And you are not required to by a expensive wine just do it and enjoy.


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  1. Here's the best recipe for kamias wine which I tried to have a smooth taste:

    1/2 kg kamias, cut into circles
    1 kg sugar
    5 cups water
    1/4 teaspoon yeast(wine yeast is better)


    Boil the first 3 ingredients.
    Remove from flame.
    After it has cooled down by 30 degrees, add the yeast.
    Once its completely cooled, pour it into a clean, sun-dried bottle.
    Close with an air-tight fitting cap.
    Seal for 22 days.
    After 22 days, strain out the wine through a fine cloth (folded into 4-5 layers).
    Keep this strained wine in an airtight container for another 22 days before use.
    This has an original golden colour.

  2. Hi where can we buy kamias wine ?

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